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Applying a Concrete Sealer How To

Applying a Concrete Sealer

There are many things you should keeping mind when applying a concrete sealer. Generally these can be categorized into surface preparation, sealer application and inspection. This way it is easier to follow along because you will know what phase you ought to be in regarding…
September 19, 2012
Pond Armor Colors General Tips

Pond Armor Colors

We offer eight standard Pond Armor colors including Black, Clear, Tan, Gray, Competition Blue, Sky Blue, Forest Green and White. We also can mix any solid custom color that you choose. Many people often ask what the best color is to choose. It is difficult…
September 18, 2012
Well Worth the Upfront Cost Testimonials

Well Worth the Upfront Cost

Pond Armor product is well worth the up front cost when you consider the long term savings. The "101 tips" and wonderful timely advise from the folks at Pond Armor makes installation doable for the average DIY'er. Constructing the pond to incorporate the plumbing, filters…
May 23, 2012
Awe-inspiring Finish Take The Tour

Awe-inspiring Finish

If you are like most people, you  are probably here trying to decide what you need to seal your pond with. We manufacture Pond Shield, the finest, high performance epoxy pond liner and sealer on the market today. Our epoxy pond sealer produces an awe-inspiring…
January 9, 2012
Big Thank You! Testimonials

Big Thank You!

Hello!! I just wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU! Your product is AMAZING!! I found a old cement pond buried in my backyard some years ago while digging up some weeds... We never really knew what to do with it and it would always…
January 9, 2012
Some Amazing Stuff Testimonials

Some Amazing Stuff

That is some amazing stuff. I put some on a piece of flagstone here in the shop and came in this morning. I and a couple of my guys whacked that stuff with a screw driver and tried to chip it off of the stone…
January 9, 2012