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Big Thank You!

By January 9, 2012May 5th, 2012Testimonials

Hello!! I just wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU! Your product is AMAZING!! I found a old cement pond buried in my backyard some years ago while digging up some weeds… We never really knew what to do with it and it would always leak… We patched some cracks and being a grey cement color… EVERYTHING showed… I knew I wanted black (I think it gives a cooling effect with water) and so much depth. A liner was out of the question because of the weird figure 8 shape with the lip in the middle connecting the two pools together; it would have been so difficult to make all those folds in the liner and everything else that can go wrong with a liner… I came across your product searching the web and was curious to learn more. After reading reviews and seeing pictures I KNEW that is what I was looking for! I am SO HAPPY with the results!! I attached some before and after pictures of our pond! Hope you can see them.

Tara and Randall G. – Saint Paul, MN