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Concrete Ponds

How to Acid Etch a Pond

You’re at the point where you’re about to prepare your pond for a coating. You may be asking yourself what is acid etching? Acid etching is the process by which your concrete will be cleaned and prepared prior to actually applying a coating. Learning how…
January 2, 2023
Corroded Concrete
Concrete Ponds

Salt Water Corrosion Effects on Concrete

Did you know that salt water has a corrosive effect on concrete?  It is.  In fact it is a problem that engineers have been faced with for some time in regards to larger concrete structures like sea walls.  Of course sea walls are corroded by…
December 14, 2022
back yard pond
Swimming Pools

Stock Tank Pool Tutorial – Pond Armor

So You Want a Stock Tank Pool Well this is going to be an exciting Stock Tank pool project, isn’t it?  Let me first start out by saying that we have a video tutorial of coating a stock tank on our YouTube channel and after…
September 21, 2022
koi fish swimming in pond
Water Quality

How Long Before You Can Put Fish In Your Pond?

Alright!  Your new pond is up and running.  You checked for leaks.  None apparent.  Your new pond pump is chucking along, water is running through your filter and the UV is sending algae to spore the way of the Do-Do.  Now all you have to…
June 19, 2020
man installing glazed tile in pond
General Tips

How To Use Glazed Tile In Your Pond

These days, people are just not satisfied with a typical, run of the mill, boring looking pond.  I have seen a wide variety of styles and designs in my time and what I have concluded is that as we progress towards the future, so does…
May 23, 2020
guys spraying epoxy
How To

How to Spray Epoxy

There are some great reasons why you would want to spray Pond Shield epoxy rather than squeegee or roll it on.  Learning how to spray epoxy is not difficult to do either.  It takes some patience, the correct tools and an assistant. Since you are…
March 13, 2020

We’ll definitely use Pond Armor again!

We built an indoor water feature using ½” plywood, 2’W x 6’L x 14”D. We researched the various offerings for sealants and selected Charcoal Pond Armor. At this point, unlike we normally would do (we’re IT junkies!!), we didn’t look at reviews much. The surface…
September 1, 2015


I had a cracked concrete pond that was old and very porous and did not hold water well.  Then, a straight line wind storm came along and put major cracks in the pond when two large oak trees fell and caused damage.  I called the…
January 23, 2014
Guest Articles

Go Wild With A Wildlife Garden

Wildlife gardens have gained a lot of popularity as general sentiments have shifted towards conservationism, endangered bird and insect species and the recreation of ecosystems to help their survival. Wildlife gardens can be immensely satisfying, and they are projects that the whole family can get…
November 12, 2013
Guest Articles

Closing Down Your Pool for the Winter

When the weather starts to cool down and the sun sets earlier in the evening it is a sure sign that it is that time of year once again. It is time to close down your source for summer fun, your swimming pool. The time…
October 25, 2013
Guest Articles

How To Choose The Right Pond Liner?

For those who are serious about aquatic wildlife, it makes sense to capture that enthusiasm with your very own piece of nature. What better way to do so than having your own pond? Like any peaceful body of water, this can become a place where…
April 2, 2013