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Just a Word about Colored Pond Liners

By January 30, 2023April 9th, 2024Construction Articles, General Tips

Most people have gotten used to the color black being their only choice when it comes to pond liners.  While black is not a bad color for a pond liner, Pond Armor, offers a large selection of standard colored pond liner epoxies.  We also offer custom pond liner colors as well.

Think of the possibilities of using a different colored pond liner.  For example, think about the difference in appearances between limestone and granite or shale and slate.  All of these rocks are very different in color.

Using a gray pond liner or tan pond liner will enhance a partner color found in a specific rock.  This in turn, can also add to the natural aesthetics of the pond over-all.  Picture in your mind what the pond would look like if the colored pond liner blended into the surrounding stone.

If you have a more formal type of pond, you may need to use very bold colored pond liner epoxy.  Colors like white or competition blue might make a statement.  By the way, competition blue is a perfect color for fresh and saltwater aquariums too.

Also, you might consider thinking outside of the box when trying to decide which colored pond liner to choose.  The two or three design possibilities you have in your head right now may turn into a couple dozen new ideas just by adding a little color to them.