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How to Spot Repair Pond Armor Paint

By September 25, 2012August 5th, 2019Pond Maintenance, How To

From time to time it may be necessary to correct something that is adversely affecting the coating on a pond. For example, during a routine inspection of the pond, you find that somehow someone has managed to accidentally damage the surface of the Pond Armor paint. If it is dealt with now, it will be an easy fix, but if left alone can become more of a problem later. It is best to correct the issue now.

Spot repairing Pond Armor paint is a pretty simple task in itself. The biggest hurdle will be getting to the area needing attention so that the repair can be accomplished more easily. You must first drain the water level down to at least where the damage has occurred. At this point the surface can be cleaned and any organics like algae removed.

It must be determined now how bad the area needing repair is. In most cases, it will mean removing any of the coating that is damaged or loose. This can be done by scraping the area while attempting to keep the debris from falling in the water.  As long as the water level was drained back far enough, a small pan can be help against the side of the pond to catch falling debris. If the area is part of a waterfall, use compressed air to blow out any crevices between rocks in order to aid the drying time.

Once all of the loose material has been removed, use a piece of 60-grit sandpaper to rough up the existing coating so that the new Pond Armor paint can overlap by at least ½ inch. Afterward, wipe the area clean and allow the bare surface to dry. The dry time will be dependant upon how saturated the surface below the coating had been at the time of the repair. Usually the drying only takes a day during summer weather and a little more during winter months when the temperature is cooler.

After the repair area has sufficiently dried, the new Pond Armor paint can be applied. Mix up a small amount of material and either a brush or roller can be used to apply to coating. Take care not to apply the coating too thick as it could sag and end up running on a vertical surface. The coating only needs to be a minimum of 10mils thick.

Let the newly repaired are cure for 24 hours.  During this time, the coating surface can be inspected and touched up in the event flaws are found. If touching up after 12 hours, use a piece of 60-grit sandpaper to slightly rough up the area that is to be touched up. After the surface has cured for 24 hours and no flaws are present, the pond can be put back into service.