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Guest Articles

Build a Backyard Waterfall and Stream

Nature is beautiful. Everything that projects this wonderful serenity of nature is also great. Waterfalls and green growth around are spectacular. Now it is possible for us to build a backyard waterfall and stream in our home. It complements other features and also provides a…
March 28, 2013
Guest Articles

Six Tips For Natural Looking Water Features

By Ben Bowen All water features have similar “bones”. How you flesh them out makes the difference. In the last two decades the landscape water feature has become a common element in residential designs. As a result, more and more landscapers and homeowners are trying…
January 2, 2013
How To

Building a Disappearing Waterfall

Disappearing Waterfall A disappearing waterfall is one of those perfect water features for someone who does not have a lot of back yard space, but still enjoys this hobby. Building a disappearing waterfall is quite simple and if you have all of the components, can…
January 22, 2010