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Building a Disappearing Waterfall

By January 22, 2010December 26th, 2019How To
Disappearing Waterfall

Disappearing Waterfall

A disappearing waterfall is one of those perfect water features for someone who does not have a lot of back yard space, but still enjoys this hobby.

Building a disappearing waterfall is quite simple and if you have all of the components, can probably be completed in a weekend’s time.  They can be made from things as simple as a large terracotta urn that has been set in place that water flows from to an actual outcropping of rocks that water flows from.

You will need at least the following to build a disappearing waterfall:

Something that the water flows from – This may be a terracotta urn, several buckets, small concrete boxes, old wine barrel halves and so on.  You can even use stacked rock.  Think outside of the box here.  You can use almost anything that can hold water to create a unique look.

Fountain Basin – Welcome to the world of plastics.  Because of plastics, some of the world’s neatest things have been created.  These fountain basins can be purchased from pond stores and they are used to set your disappearing waterfall up on.  The water will flow out of the items listed above and over top of gravel, for instance, and down into this fountain basin where it is circulated back up to the waterfall exit point.

These fountain basins can also be filtered in order to keep the water as clean as possible.  The filters can be removed and washed on occasion with relative ease.  The top of the basin is grated so that you can pour large gravel over the top which will hide any evidence of the waterfall mechanics.
Pump – You will need a small pump.  Avoid just running out and purchasing any old pump.  You will need to make sure that the head pressure will be enough to at least operate your disappearing waterfall.
Refill Mechanism – One of the downfalls of a disappearing waterfall is that the splashing can cause the water to evaporate more quickly than standing water.  As such, you will have to fill the fountain basin often unless you install an automatic refilling mechanism of some sort.

Really, that is all there is to it.  Once a disappearing waterfall is up and running, the maintenance is pretty minimal.  Just make sure the filters are clean and that your refill mechanism is working properly.