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Removing the White Safety Ring from the Can

By January 5, 2008May 5th, 2012General Tips

Pond Shield is packaged in a manner that the kit contents will not spill out during shipping or handling. The white safety rings are pressed on in our manufacturing plant and can be difficult to remove.

One method of removing them is to use pliers to grab the lower edge of the ring and pry upwards. Apply this maneuver about every 1/4 inch around the can’s lid. The white ring will usually pop right off with this motion, but if you still have difficulty, you can then pry the remainder up with a small flat blade screwdriver.

Grip Side of Ring with Pliers
  Grip Ring with Pliers
Pull Ring up from Can
  Pull up from Can

You can discard the white ring after removal and simply tamp down the can’s lid to store any extra Pond Shield you may have left over. Pond Shield has a very long shelf life. You can find a best if used by date on the kit. It is best to have applied it by then.

Once you pour the hardener in with the resin and mix it for use, there  materials will return to their natural state and the Pond Shield can be used as it was when purchased. For the longest possible storage life, store your kits in a cool dry place with the lids securely tamped down.