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Pool Maintenance Essentials

By March 13, 2013Guest Articles

Pool maintenance is very important and cannot be ignored. You should clean your pool regularly as they are open water systems that are prone to rain, snow, insects, debris and insects among others. Moreover, fallen leaves as well as other organic matter inside the pool ultimately decay and attract bacteria. Unclean water pool can lead to spread of waterborne diseases like amoebic dysentery, typhoid, cholera, gastroenteritis and salmonellosis. Some of the problems commonly associated with pools include pool discoloration, cloudy water, sharp chlorine smell, algal upsurge and itchy eyes. You can avoid these problems through proper maintenance of your pool.

1. Two times a Week:

• pH Level-
Retaining the correct water balance is vital. The pH level which refers to the level of acidity or else alkalinity should be tested two times in a week. The pH level should be a little alkaline, about 7.2-7.6. This is the pH level in which chlorine is most efficient. In addition, this pH level is the same as that of our skin. You can control this pH level by either adding an acid, like muriatic acid, or else an alkali like baking soda or soda ash depending on if the water is excessively acidic or excessively alkaline. Wrong pH levels can cause damage of pool and equipment.

• Chlorine Level-
Disinfecting the pool involves destroying bacterial as well as algal forms. Poorly sterilizing the pool makes it a procreation ground for bacteria. You can use chlorine or bromine to get rid of these bacteria as well as algae forms. Your pool water must have a 1.0-3.0 ppm level of chlorine. You can get chlorine in the form of tablet, granular or else liquid. Because a chlorine level is not constant, it is recommendable to super chlorinate the pool regularly, especially during the night while the pool is not being used.

• Check Skimmer Basket-
You must check the skimmer basket and clear of debris in order to maintain a fresh and flowing pool water. Debris like leaves, insects, bird dung and other filthy substances should be removed from the pool’s surface by means of a surface skimmer or else leaf net. Moreover, the pool tiles should be cleaned, to remove rings and froth lines, using liquid or pounded tile sanitization agents.

2. One time per Week:

• Shock Treatment-
The best method to destroy chlorine compounds I through shock treatment. It is advisable to shock the pool during the evenings as this increase the amount of chlorine in the swimming pool as well as destroys bacteria, leaving the pool shining and beautiful.

• Algaecide-
You should treat your pool every week with algaecide to control algal toxins. You must preferably do this in the morning following the shock treatment. Look for high-quality algaecide that kill the algae without destroying the pool tiles.

• Metal out-
Metal Out is a substance that gets rid of metal particles inside the water. To get rid of small metal particles that often suspend on the surface of the pool water add metal out every week.

• Clarifier-
To clear the irritating cloudy water adds a quantity of clarifier to the pool water. The clarifying agents remove particles which are very small to be trapped in the sieve. Clarifying agents make the small particles to collect together, to create bigger particles that may be discarded through vacuuming or filtration.

3. Monthly:

• Check calcium Level-
It is important to check the level of calcium in the pool water as water with very low calcium can be corrosive whereas water with high calcium can lead to scale formation. You can simply take a sample of the pool water to your nearest pool store for test.

• Alkalinity-
Right total alkalinity can prevent rapid changes of pH levels in the pool water. The right total alkalinity is 80-120 ppm, which may be adjusted by adding baking soda.

4. Mid-Season:
It is important to once in a while clean pool filters with filter cleaner degreaser as they are prone to get accumulated with oil and grease.


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