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Nothing Has Outperformed Pond Shield

By January 9, 2012May 5th, 2012Testimonials

My name is Jonathan Strazinsky of Monster Fish Rescue. Rescuing giant fish requires giant confines. Running a rescue requires I find the best products for the animals we save. I also need to save money any way possible so I build our large aquariums. I have used just about everything on the market to seal my “DIY” tanks, nothing has out performed Pond Shield. I was immediately impressed with the product and started to dream of all the possibilities and applications I could use it for! Not to mention the customer service from Pond Armor. Customer service is a lost art, very few companies implement it in any way shape or form. Butch from Pond Armor is a customer service artist going above and beyond any customer service I’ve ever dealt with. He must have logged in at least three hours of conversation with me before I even spent one cent! His customer service is one of the many reasons why I will always advertise pond armor on our website free of charge!

Jonathan Strazinsky – Monster Fish Rescue