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Natural Pond Filters

By January 24, 2009December 26th, 2019Guest Articles
Cleaning the pond regularly is essential for the healthy growth of the local pond ecosystem in your garden. The pond in your garden is a representative of a very complex habitat and the small and big creatures living there need a fresh and clean environment. While, you can use many artificial methods to clean the pond that includes the use of filters, there are certain natural approaches to clean the pond also. Nature offers the best solution for any kind of problem. Here are some useful tips for cleaning your pond naturally.

Some plants, such as water lilies play a vital role as a natural pond cleaner. Water lilies are helpful to avoid green water from your pond. Covering the half of the pond with plants, such as water lilies helps a lot in natural pond purification. Water lilies spread easily throughout the surface of your pond. Apart from helping in natural pond cleaning, water lilies also help the fishes in the pond to hide from the sun during extreme summer.

Various other water plants also play as natural pond cleaners. These water plants maintain the health of your natural pond ecosystem. They exhale a lot of oxygen into the environment and in to the water as well, helping the oxygenation of the pond water regularly. These water plants help process and remove organic waste materials from the pond naturally. You can use both floating and submerged water plants as natural pond purifiers. While floating plants take care of cleaning the upper water surface, submerged plants purify the basement and lower part of the pond. The roots of the floating water plants contain many beneficial microorganisms, which digest the organic wastes, thus helping in natural pond purification.

Bacteria are also helpful and act as a key agent in the natural pond cleaning process. Bacteria colonize inside the pond and help avoid cloud formation by various organic waste materials.

Another consideration for natural pond purification is waterfall. Waterfalls avoid the water in your pond to settle at one place, thus helping in the transport of important organic maters to various parts of the pond. Waterfalls not only ensure beauty to your pond but also help in the process of natural pond purification by transporting out heavy organic and chemical pollutants, such as mercury, heavy metals, and nitrate; and phosphate chemicals.

Nature certainly has the best solution to help you in the process of natural pond cleaning process. Consider the above methods to get a clean and pure natural pond in your garden.