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Koi Ponds – Tips On Building The Pond Of Your Dreams

By February 3, 2009December 12th, 2019Guest Articles
There are beautiful Japanese fish known as Koi and can grow up to roughly 1 meter long. With the proper love and care they have the ability to live up to several decades. Because these large types of fish are very beautiful and serene to watch, numerous owners of homes have dreams of building their own koi ponds.

Koi Have been called “Dragon Fish” by people through the ages who admire them. Koi have a definite captivating quality to them. Originally bred in the country of Japan, Koi are bred and kept by professional fish farmers as well as hobbyists throughout the world.

Koi are ordinarily kept in man-made or natural Koi ponds. Constant attention as well as care is required by the Koi and you must be prepared to devote some of your time as they need a stable environment and also need to be well fed.

Fundamental Principles Of Constructing Koi Ponds

You first need to understand what the Koi needs are so that you’ll be able to take proper care of them and meet their needs. The preferences of these fish are shady ponds so the place where you want to put your Koi pond needs to be shady but not completely dark.

Because of the length of time that these fish can live as well as the size that they can grow you will need to have some foresight when constructing these ponds. The size of your pond needs to take into account the amount of fish as well as the length that these fish will grow.

Most people who purchase Koi fish usually purchase more than two for their ponds. Be sure that the depth that you make your pond is deep enough for the fish not to get accidentally trapped or get caught by flying egrets and herons. These fishing birds have a tendency to swoop in on these types of ponds and eat half the population of the Koi in a relatively short period of time.

Ponds that are man-made also require the use of aerators as well as water filters to maintain a a healthy water environment for the Koi. A way to help aerate the pond is by putting water plants into it, however the majority of man-made ponds require artificial aeration. The ponds filtration system needs to be reliable and durable. Constructing Koi ponds requires quite a bit of thought and work.

Always bear in mind to make the location a priority when building Koi Ponds. When building Koi ponds you’ll need to be sure that you build it on a stable area where the ground will not ***** open or end up sliding off a slope.

There is a lot of satisfaction to the owners and they may often interact with other owners and that is another reason why many people love their Koi fish and ponds. Make sure you do some additional research when you plan on constructing Koi ponds in regards to the habitat and food of the Koi species you select.