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How to Smooth Rough Concrete

By September 26, 2012February 19th, 2020How To

When consumers start to look for advice on how to smooth rough concrete, they may feel frustrated or confused. Many people claim that there is no easy way to do this yourself, but this is misleading. There are actually a few things that can be done if concrete is too rough. Smooth concrete in a pond is essential for several reasons. The fish in the pond can be injured from a rough finish, or the pond’s concrete may need to be smooth so that a waterproof finish can be applied to it. Without the right sealant, water may escape from the pond, and this, of course, can be disastrous. Whether you have an old pond that you are currently not using because of rough concrete or a new pond that needs to be smoothed before you can use it, the following steps can guide you.

If you have access to a sandblaster, you can use that to smooth the pond’s concrete. Unfortunately, this will make a terrible mess, and many homeowners do not have the skills necessary to use a sandblaster. Luckily, there are other options on how to smooth rough concrete. Most hardware stores sell concrete grinding or sanding disks that can be attached to angle grinders. These attachments can also be attached to some power drills. In order to tackle a concrete pond, you should use a large 8 inch angle grinder. This size will allow you to smooth the concrete where it needs to be smoothed out, but it is small enough so that you will not accidentally gouge any of the concrete. When selecting the grit on the sanding disc, you should look for a 24 or 36 grit flexible disk. This will make the concrete smooth, but it will keep it rough enough so that the sealant will stick to the concrete. You will also need protective eye goggles and a face mask.

Once you have your concrete sanding disc, you will need to attach it to your angle grinder. You may need a few different polishing discs to ensure that you get the grit that you desire. First, you need to attach the largest grit disc that you have to your grinder. Once that has been attached, you need to make your first pass over the floors and walls of your pond. You should repeat this until you have smoothed the surface to your liking. Once that has been completed, you should replace the disc with a finer one. When you repeat this procedure with a finer grit, you will remove any extra impurities and smooth the pores of the concrete. If you want the pond to have a shiny finish, you may want to repeat these steps a third time with an even finer grit.

When you start looking for equipment, you may see diamond grinders for rent. These grinders come with dust shrouds that can be hooked up to your wet vac. Ideally, you should avoid these tools as they will only remove the high spots of concrete in your pond. They will not help to smooth the entire area. While using your angle grinder and sanding discs, you should never forget to wear safety gear. If possible, you should angle the machine away from you so that the dust flies away from your face rather than towards it. If possible, you may want to vacuum the dust between passes as this will make the process more effective. Learning how to smooth rough concrete is the first step to getting your pond in working order.