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Have You Ever Considered An Indoor Pond? 4 Things To Consider With An Indoor Pond

By January 11, 2024February 9th, 2024General Tips

When you think of a koi pond, you usually imagine an outdoor pond in someone’s backyard.  Maybe a waterfall with a small stream leading to a bigger pool where all of the fish are kept.  Lots of nice plants surrounding it, giving it a natural look that blends in with the outdoor décor.

Well what if you do not have room in a backyard for a pond?  Maybe the inside of your home can actually house something nice, but have you given any thought as to the needs of an indoor pond?  Here are 4 things to consider with an indoor pond.

The filtration system – If you’re going to have a pond, you’ll need to keep it clean right?  Keep in mind that just because the pond will fit indoors, you may have to squeeze your water filtration in somewhere too.

Give the actual plumbing some thought too.  You will have pipes that will need to get to the filtration system as well as the rest of the equipment used to keep your pond clean.  You may have to get creative in how any of the plumbing is run.

Heating – This really depends upon where you might actually have the pond.  Some people put their indoor ponds in the basement where it can be quite a bit colder.  Because the pond is not out under direct sunlight, it will not be heated naturally.

If you have ever paid attention to an outdoor pond’s water temperature, you’d see that even though the ambient outside temperature fluctuates quite a bit, the water temperature will not change as much.

Water Changes – You will still need to perform water changes and pond maintenance on your indoor pond just like one outdoors.  This means you will have to take into account any water that may be spilled during the process.

Like the rest of the pond’s plumbing, you should also consider special plumbing needs for this sort of maintenance too.  Back flushing a bead filter can be a messy process that you just take for granted when you’re outside.  Who cares if water and muck splash around a little?  But you sure do not want any of that on furniture or other indoor accoutrements.

Escaping Animals – You know, one thing I have learned about turtles is that you may give them the Taj Mahal as far as a living environment, but if they don’t like it, they’ll just simply leave.  Turtles can be funny like that.  They seek their own solitude.

Think of that in the house.  You might not want to spend your days looking for Scooter the turtle under all of the furniture.  Oh and what about those fun loving Koi?  Yes Siree!  Some of them like to breech.  When that happens, you may find one hopping around on the floor.
Those are just a few of the things one ought to keep in mind with and indoor pond.  That is certainly not the end all be all of lists, but some of the more important things to keep in mind.