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Enhancing Your Pond With Faux Stone

By February 6, 2008May 5th, 2012General Tips

Faux Stone - Click for a closer lookWhen I first heard of faux stone, I pictured those funny plastic rocks you get at a big box store to hide a set of keys under.  Those are great!  I mean what burglar would ever think to look under one of those babies and check for your extra house keys?  They look so real. Not!

Over the years faux stone has gained in popularity as well as realism.  I am surprised by the quality of product one can purchase today.  Take amusement parks for instance.  I know that last time I visited one of those places; I was amazed at how I actually felt like I was in another world.  Those guys are artists.

Now you have these artists opening their own businesses and creating all kinds of realistic stone features that you can stand right in front of and be in sheer awe of the size of the piece.  All the while not even knowing that it probably weighs one tenth of what the real item might weigh.

The other day I was speaking to a faux stone artist and he had me looking at pictures of his creations.  He was interested in sealing them up with Pond Shield Clear epoxy, which would suit him perfectly.  In any event, the structure he made for one of his clients was massive.  It was a complete waterfall that was incorporated right into the coping of the pond.

Faux Stone - Click for a closer lookIn our chat he wanted to know if it might be a good idea to seal the underside of the piece as well as where the water would be on top.  I remarked that I thought it was a little late for that and he told me it wasn’t a problem.  He could just lift the piece off of the pond if he had to.

Simply amazing!  And how convenient!  Consider this.  That particular pond was made with a rubber liner.  When ever the pond develops a leak, all the rock that is incorporated into the pond structure would have to be dismantled.  Think of all of the rock that would be destroyed in the process.

Now with this faux stone structure there instead, a couple of people could remove it easily and render repairs.  The whole process might only take a day instead of the better part of a week.  Not to mention your fish wouldn’t have to be out of the main pond for very long.

Faux Stone - Click for a closer lookClick on any of the images that are embedded in this article for a closer look.  This particular guy definitely has his act together and knows what he is doing.