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By January 23, 2014Testimonials

I had a cracked concrete pond that was old and very porous and did not hold water well.  Then, a straight line wind storm came along and put major cracks in the pond when two large oak trees fell and caused damage.  I called the pond people for an estimate.  They told me the well known pond sealing products would not work.  They recommended calling a swimming pool company. No one had any solutions other than using a plastic pond liner that would have ruined the character of the pond.  I searched the internet for months until finally I came across Pond Armor.   No one knew anything about this  product (the hardware stores, the pond companies, the pool companies) and I had exhausted my options so I decided to contact the company.  They assured me that the product would solve my problem and guaranteed it.  AMAZING!  We have had a viable, leak proof pond for four years and it looks like it will continue to last.  Thank you Pond Armor.

Rebecca P.