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Pond Liner

Guest Articles

How To Choose The Right Pond Liner?

For those who are serious about aquatic wildlife, it makes sense to capture that enthusiasm with your very own piece of nature. What better way to do so than having your own pond? Like any peaceful body of water, this can become a place where…
April 2, 2013
Guest Articles

Are Pond Liners Toxic?

The above question is very important especially when you are building a pond to hold plant or animal life. If the liner turns out to be toxic, you cannot successfully keep aquatic plants or animals in it. This therefore means that you will not achieve…
November 29, 2012
How To

Applying a Concrete Sealer

There are many things you should keeping mind when applying a concrete sealer. Generally these can be categorized into surface preparation, sealer application and inspection. This way it is easier to follow along because you will know what phase you ought to be in regarding…
September 19, 2012
General Tips

Pond Armor Colors

We offer eight standard Pond Armor colors including Black, Clear, Tan, Gray, Competition Blue, Sky Blue, Forest Green and White. We also can mix any solid custom color that you choose. Many people often ask what the best color is to choose. It is difficult…
September 18, 2012
Guest Articles

Essential Tips on How to Build a Pond

I found that prevention is better than cure! A garden pond must be constructed correctly to prevent a load of problems later on. This collection of tips covers pond construction, some ideas to copy nature, pump selection and even something on a bog garden. These…
January 10, 2009