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Setting Goals for a Pond Shield Epoxy Project

By October 1, 2012General Tips

With as many things that could possibly be happening during the life of any project, things can quickly get out of hand and disorganized if an over-all plan is not in place.  That is why it is so important for setting goals for a Pond Shield Epoxy project. It is very easy to do, in fact as easy as making a shopping list.

The first thing that needs to be done is to divide the over-all project into pieces that are better managed on a level alone. For example, the easiest breakdown would be to section of the project into three sections: surface preparation, coating application and inspection. Of course any of these tasks can also be broken into smaller tasks if it benefits the project.

Surface Preparation – The goal will more than likely be one of those items that require a span of days. It is best to check the calendar for availability of both crew and equipment depending upon your particular project. It is also recommended that the scheduling not be broken up over different parts of the week. Once the crew begins, breaking their momentum could quite possibly slow the surface preparation down. It is best to schedule work to be done over a consecutive set of days.

Coating Application – In regards to total days to coat, this will be dependant upon the size of the project. If the total surface area of the floor of the project is too large to properly apply the coating to in one day, then this process must also be broken up over a span of days. The only time this may not be a factor is if the crew performing the application has the equipment to traverse the surface of the coating while it is still uncured. It is in this manner that the days scheduled for the application process can be cut back. The step should also be scheduled as soon after the surface preparation is complete as possible so that extra time is not spent to clean the surface a second time prior to the coating application.

Surface Inspection – Any under water service coating will have to be inspected thoroughly before the project is put back into service. Goal setting here will mainly revolve around the total square footage of the project as it takes a varied amount of time to inspect every single square foot of surface area properly. Smooth surfaces can be completed quicker where rougher surfaces will take additional time. The general rule of thumb is that it takes approximately 3-6 seconds to completely inspect one single square foot of surface area. Unlike the previous portions of the project, this task can be broken into various days as needed, again this step being dependant upon the size of the project. However it is crucial that this step be completed correctly or the waterproofing project will have issues and no amount of goal setting with the project will correct that.

So set proper goals for the Pond Shield epoxy project that you are under taking. It will mean the difference between the project ultimately lasting longer than it should and being completed in a timely manner. Discuss these goals with all of the people involved with the project to ensure that they are all focused on the same time constraints.