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Sealing Your Pond – A Simple Checklist To Prepare You For The Task Ahead

By December 26, 2023February 9th, 2024General Tips

The big day when you will be sealing a pond is soon to arrive.  You’ll finally get your pond back into waterproof shape.  You will be able to bust this job out in a day.  Well hopefully you will.  Best intentions and all that huh?

Well to ensure that you have a better chance at accomplishing your task in the time frame you want to, I have assembled a list of things you will want to go through and make sure you have completed before that day arrives.  This way your mindset can be on sealing your pond and not on what you may have forgotten.

Items Before Sealing Day

Your new sealing material – This is obvious.  You cannot start your project without the main material.  Also, you should think ahead.  Scheduling to waterproof your pond on a Saturday and ordering materials on a Friday might not produce the results you were thinking.  There could be issues with product availability as well as increased freight costs.

All Pond Sealing instructions – You should read through all of the instructions prior to actually applying the coating.  This way if you have questions, you can ask the manufacturer for assistance.  Support may not be available on weekends.

Friends – Hit your friends up at least a week ahead of time.  You know as well as anyone that nice weather means people don’t hang out at home.  They go places and enjoy the outdoors.  If you need help, ask friends but give them plenty of time to schedule you in.

Pond Sealing Preparation – Are all of your preparation steps completed?  Repairs, acid etching or anything like that will definitely slow you down on the day you plan to apply the coating.  Get this stuff done ahead of time.

Weather Forecast – Is it not always like this?  You get up to start that outdoor project only to find it raining cats and dogs.  Check your local weather forecast and make sure you have suitable weather.

On Sealing Day, Prior to Sealing

Consumable Products – Have you purchased all of the consumable products that you need for the job?  Paint brushes, squeegees, rollers, mixing buckets, cleaning solvents, cleaning materials, paint trays, are all part of the consumable products that you’ll need and not want to have to chase after once you have started your application.

Sealing Tools and Equipment – Drill and mixing paddle for the coating, gloves, eye protection, old clothes, extension cords, thickness gauges, any spray equipment you might be using along with an air compressor and tarps, are all of the tools you would need to complete the job.

You can download a checklist I created, by clicking here.  It is in PDF format so you’ll need Adobe Acrobat to read it.  Just visit to get Acrobat.