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Pond Shield non toxic epoxy is very easy to apply.  Rather than use a rubber liner to cover up the concrete or natural stone work, you can waterproof your pond, fountain, waterfall or other water feature with our epoxy.

It’s safe to use and will provide you project with a seamless, waterproof lining that has been described as “bullet proof” “amazing stuff”, “unique” and “very durable” to mention a few.  It is also fish and plant safe which makes it perfect for your aquatic stock.

It cures out and can be put into service in 24 hours and will provide you with the stability you are looking for in your water feature project.  We manufacture 8 standard colors, black, clear, competition blue, sky blue, forest green, tan, gray and white.  We also manufacture 3 designer accent colors, gold, silver and copper.  The designer accent colors are shimmering metallic and are perfect for that fountain with cast trim.

If you need assistance calculating square footage for your project or have any other technical questions, just give us a call at 800-716-1545 and we will be more than happy to help you.  You can purchase Pond Shield with us over the phone or by using our secure shopping cart link above.