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Pond Shield Application Temperature

By January 5, 2008February 13th, 2013General Tips

Pond Shield will cure if applied at above 50° F. Considering that, you should keep in mind that because Pond Shield has been designed thick in order to hang properly on vertical and upside-down surfaces, it can seem a lot thicker when it is cold. The application process can be a lot easier if you store your kits inside at room temperature for 24 hours before taking them out to the project site. So the 50° F temperature is not necessarily a must, but would make things a little easier.  Normally, the coating cures out in about 24 hours and is ready for use, however, if the nighttime temperature dips below 50° F, then it may cure out a little slower.  In cases like that, the coating may take 30 or so hours to cure, but it will cure.

If you find that the Part component of your kits has solidified, simply replace the cap and submerge the kit in a bucket of hot tap water for 30 minutes.  Allow the coating to cool down for at least 30 minutes prior to application and the coating will be back to its normal state.

Properly mixing your epoxy will also make it easier to apply too. Pond Shield clear can be stick-mixed where the pigmented versions should always be mixed with a jiffy mixer attached to a drill. Mixing with a jiffy mixer will change the viscosity of cold epoxy and make it easier to apply. Pond Shield sets up in about an hour at 72° F. Lower application temperatures will retard this process some, giving you longer pot life, whereas hotter temperatures shorten the pot life.

Care should be taken at any temperature not to over mix the coating. Stick to the instructions and you should not have any problems. You can also store Pond Shield inside at room temperature just as you would during colder applications. Epoxy that has been stored outside in the sun at 85° F for instance will have a shorter pot life because the epoxy may already be heated up. As a rule of thumb, make sure you only mix the amount you know you can apply within an hour or less.