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Other Types of Projects Suitable for Coatings

By January 28, 2010May 5th, 2012General Tips

You know, ponds are not the only types of projects that water proofing coatings can be used on.  There are a lot of other things that are perfectly suited for apply a coating like Pond Shield epoxy.

Remember that just because this coating was designed with ponds and housing aquatic life in mind, that does not mean that this is its only use.  Pond Shield epoxy is in comparison to other epoxies a very high performance type of epoxy.

It can be used in a whole lot of other situations and you’d reap the benefits of the coating in doing so.  So let me stop this paid advertisement type of speech right now.  I got carried away.  Instead let me just run down a list of things that you may never have thought of using the product for.  These are in no particular order.

  • Garage Floors – Garage floors need a coating that is chemical resistant and that can take a lot of physical punishment.
  • Hydroponics Tanks – Yes, growing your own vegetables these days seems to be a keen way of saving money.
  • Below Grade Waterproofing – Places with high water tables are susceptible to water seeping through concrete walls and into basement areas.  A coating with a high hydrostatic barrier rating can stop this.
  • Man Holes/Storm Drains – For you city engineers out there, most of these units are made of concrete so the bond of the epoxy to the concrete would be just like that in a pond.
  • Baptisteries – You’d need something tough enough to constantly walk on with some baptismal units.
  • Industrial Kitchen Walls – In any kitchen, especially industrial kitchens, the areas need to be easily cleaned.  Having an ultra smooth surface means less time getting the cleaning job down.
  • Public Showers/Restrooms – A very inexpensive alternative to stone tiling.
  • Rot Damaged Wood – In cases where a portion of a wood structure has rotted, Pond Shield can be used to repair those areas and put them back into service.
  • Broken Tile/Ceramic – The high elongation break strength will allow you to successfully bond broken pieces of tile or ceramic back together.
  • Abrasion Proof Decks – Use in conjunction with woven fiberglass to create an abrasion proof exterior deck.
  • Repairing Wood Trim – Some wood trim will have knots or other flaws that can be repaired with Pond Shield.
  • Sealing Plaster/Drywall – Especially useful when trying to keep a tub or shower area sealed against water damage.
  • Wooden Post – posts like those use on porches or for fencing would benefit from being sealed off from the environment.
  • Anchor Bolts – Used where extra holding strength is needed for anchor bolts in concrete.
  • Post and Beam Splicing – Any time you need to splice a new section of post or beam into and existing section.
  • Sagging Beams – Beams that have begun to sag over time can be reinforced and straightened out.

These are just a handful of ideas that you may be able to use around the house right now.  Yes, Pond Shield epoxy was created with ponds in mind, but it will definitely work better than any other epoxy you’ll find in your local hardware store.