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If you are looking for a retailer that carries Pond Shield epoxy in your area, just enter your zip code (no spaces) and a radius and our Find a Retailer engine will see if there is one close to you.  If there is not, you can either call us at 800-716-1545 or click the Buy Pond Shield Epoxy link at the top left of the page and we’ll get your order right out to you.  We also ship to Canada as well.

Don’t forget!  No matter where you purchase your materials, we are always here to give you a hand.  Our toll free number is always on the product packaging and is listed in the instructions.  Give us a call if you have any questions.

After you have entered your information, just click the Find Locations button once.  Give it a few seconds to gather your data.

Pond Shield Retailer = Retailer