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Really Unique Product Testimonials

Really Unique Product

There might be a lot of work involved building a pond out of concrete in the beginning, but I cannot imagine working with concrete without Pond Shield. It’s a really unique product that dries within an hour and looks like an acrylic finish. I try…
January 9, 2012
Expert Technical Support Testimonials

Expert Technical Support

At Tolosa Gardens & Landscapes, Inc., one of our greatest pleasures is designing and building ponds to enhance outdoor environments. Recently, a client who needed to re-coat an existing cement pond and add a waterfall suggested we investigate Pond Armor. They had heard that Pond Armor…
January 6, 2012
Very Durable Surface Testimonials

Very Durable Surface

It’s a very durable surface, hard, slick and easy to clean. It takes a little bit of practice to get the hang of applying Pond Shield, but somebody who’s pretty handy wouldn’t have a problem with it. Ben Case - Down to Earth Designs
January 6, 2012