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Really Unique Product

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There might be a lot of work involved building a pond out of concrete in the beginning, but I cannot imagine working with concrete without Pond Shield. It’s a really unique product that dries within an hour and looks like an acrylic finish. I try not to use rubber linings any more. They’re so cumbersome and they’re so outdated because you have all these folds. I like using a lot of rock, and it’s hard to use rock with rubber liners.

Greg McClure – McClure Landscapes

Beautiful Waterproof Finish

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We have had cracks and leaks form in our pond over the past seven years. Of course our solution to this was coating the pond with Pond Shield. We live on the Central Coast of California and have created a pond using native natural rock for our Japanese garden. The tan Pond Shield we chose provided a beautiful waterproof finish that compliments the rock perfectly.

Don E. – San Luis Obispo, CA

You Are Doing A Good Job

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I appreciate a person who stands behind their products – really. You are doing a good job and deserve to have a successful business. Thanks again, Larry L. – Garden Ridge —-

Expert Technical Support

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At Tolosa Gardens & Landscapes, Inc., one of our greatest pleasures is designing and building ponds to enhance outdoor environments. Recently, a client who needed to re-coat an existing cement pond and add a waterfall suggested we investigate Pond Armor. They had heard that Pond Armor carried an epoxy that is fish safe and would seal the concrete pond and a spray on polyurea that would have less creases and be more durable than a rubber liner. From the first phone call, Butch, the resident expert at Pond Armor gave us the technical and informational support we needed. Not only did he share his considerable technical expertise with us, he showed our team how to master the steps necessary to be comfortable in working with this new product. With Butch’s expert technical support, we were able to accomplish our goals. We recommend the use of Pond Shield Epoxy without reservation and were grateful for the generous technical support Butch offered.

Bill Coryell – Tolosa Gardens and Landscape

Very Durable Surface

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It’s a very durable surface, hard, slick and easy to clean. It takes a little bit of practice to get the hang of applying Pond Shield, but somebody who’s pretty handy wouldn’t have a problem with it.

Ben Case – Down to Earth Designs

Able To Seal The Pond With Pond Shield

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I had a customer who had a leaking pond that was causing their water bill to get out of hand. They called me to take a look at what could be done. Now, before I knew about Pond Armor, I may had suggested starting over with a problem project like this, but instead, I was able to seal the pond with Pond Shield. The customer informed the water company who immediately gave them a 20% discount on their water bill for getting it fixed and then also referred two more pond jobs to me as well!

Anthony Qunitero – Koi Enterprise