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Guest Articles

Pond Maintenance 101 Keeping Your Pond Clean

Most people have poor water quality and extra algae in their water gardens for one main reason; they don't do enough regular maintenance to keep their pond from turning into a green mess. Ponds need to be treated just like aquariums, and require weekly maintenance…
January 31, 2024
Rubber and Plastic LinersHow To

Patching a Pond Liner

Ok, so you have a hole in your pond liner now.  That is just what you needed, a pond liner to patch. Not to mention, the hole is probably somewhere near the bottom of the liner.  And why should it not be? It is a…
December 18, 2023
Wood Ponds

Wooden Pond Structure Construction Materials

When you have decided to make a woodpond structure in this instance, the next step is to research they style they are going to build so that they may further educate themselves in any of the idiosyncrasies that may revolve around their project. I talk…
October 12, 2023
Guest ArticlesFountains

Pond Aerators Vs Pond Fountains

Have you ever walked past an office building and noticed a pond on the property? If so, have you also noticed the pond fountains? You have probably also taken a mental note of how these Pond Fountains add a unique visual allure to the pond.…
September 16, 2023
Guest Articles

Making a Garden Pond With a Pond Liner

A pond liner is a flexible waterproof membrane that covers the floor and the sides of a pond excavation. There are several different kinds to choose from. Polyethylene is useful when sandwiched between two layers of soil, while PVC, composition and rubber liners are the…
August 15, 2023
Wood PondsGeneral Tips

Building a Wooden Pond or Tank

I have seen people build wooden pond and holding tanks that looked great, only to see them leak like a sieve. For those of you that do not know what a sieve is, it is a meshed kitchen instrument used for straining liquids. You get…
July 15, 2023
Guest Articles

Ten Steps to a Thriving, Self-contained Pond

Creating a beautiful pond in your backyard with fish, a fountain, waterfalls and aquatic plants is an extremely rewarding and fulfilling hobby. By following a few pond guidelines, you can enjoy a private, secluded getaway that will melt away everyday stress with each passing fish.…
February 14, 2023
General Tips

Just a Word about Colored Pond Liners

Most people have gotten used to the color black being their only choice when it comes to pond liners.  While black is not a bad color for a pond liner, Pond Armor, offers a large selection of standard colored pond liner epoxies.  We also offer…
January 30, 2023
Concrete Ponds

How to Acid Etch a Pond

You’re at the point where you’re about to prepare your pond for a coating. You may be asking yourself what is acid etching? Acid etching is the process by which your concrete will be cleaned and prepared prior to actually applying a coating. Learning how…
January 2, 2023
Corroded Concrete
Concrete Ponds

Salt Water Corrosion Effects on Concrete

Did you know that salt water has a corrosive effect on concrete?  It is.  In fact it is a problem that engineers have been faced with for some time in regards to larger concrete structures like sea walls.  Of course sea walls are corroded by…
December 14, 2022