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November 2012

Are Pond Liners Toxic?

By Guest Articles

The above question is very important especially when you are building a pond to hold plant or animal life. If the liner turns out to be toxic, you cannot successfully keep aquatic plants or animals in it. This therefore means that you will not achieve…

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Non-Toxic Epoxies and Their Benefits

By General Tips

Most of us with ponds and other water features utilize them as a place to support life of all shapes and forms and that’s why it’s ever so important that all materials used are non-toxic. There are a wide range of different materials used when…

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I Highly Recommend The Product!

By Testimonials

Thank you for such great attention to our request for the purchase of Pond Armor in light blue. The merchandise came right on time!! Even before time scheduled. The instructions were great and we followed them to the letter. The pond looks great and the…

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