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January 2012

Awe-inspiring Finish

By Take The Tour

If you are like most people, you  are probably here trying to decide what you need to seal your pond with. We manufacture Pond Shield, the finest, high performance epoxy pond liner and sealer on the market today. Our epoxy pond sealer produces an awe-inspiring finished surface that you have only dreamed about. Not only that, but the pond sealers we provide form a water proof non-toxic barrier for your aquatic environment, old or new. This means your new epoxy sealer will be fish and plant safe.

Big Thank You!

By Testimonials

Hello!! I just wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU! Your product is AMAZING!! I found a old cement pond buried in my backyard some years ago while digging up some weeds… We never really knew what to do with it and it would always leak… We patched some cracks and being a grey cement color… EVERYTHING showed… I knew I wanted black (I think it gives a cooling effect with water) and so much depth. A liner was out of the question because of the weird figure 8 shape with the lip in the middle connecting the two pools together; it would have been so difficult to make all those folds in the liner and everything else that can go wrong with a liner… I came across your product searching the web and was curious to learn more. After reading reviews and seeing pictures I KNEW that is what I was looking for! I am SO HAPPY with the results!! I attached some before and after pictures of our pond! Hope you can see them.

Tara and Randall G. – Saint Paul, MN

Some Amazing Stuff

By Testimonials

That is some amazing stuff. I put some on a piece of flagstone here in the shop and came in this morning. I and a couple of my guys whacked that stuff with a screw driver and tried to chip it off of the stone and it wouldn’t come off. I took the remainder out of the mixing jar and it was hard but still flexible.

Steve Walker – Sacramento Koi

Works In One Easy Application

By Testimonials

Trust me when I say my pond does not leak a drop of water now. I would suggest Pond Shield to anyone who’s having a problem with a leak and wants something that will work in one easy application. I’m not exactly a pond expert, but the help from Pond Armor made it easy for me, a novice. If I can do it, anyone can.

Steve P. – Washington, DC

We Love Your Product!

By Testimonials

All I can say is it’s incredible! It just makes things so much more easy when you find a company that has nice people and an excellent product. We looked at several other products and even contacted pool companies but none of them had anything worthwhile. We love your product!

Sheryl R. – Bisbee AZ

Definitely Helped Me Create The Pond

By Testimonials

Achieving a natural look for my pond was very important to me. I chose the location and construction materials very carefully because I wanted a pond that looked like it had always been there. I didn’t want the creases and folds that come with a pond made with a liner. Pond Shield’s ease of application and colors choices definitely helped me create the pond I was looking for.

Sean B. – Port Orange, FL

Not One Leak

By Testimonials

Thanks again. Your product kicks some major butt! By the way, I have not one leak in my new 1500 gallon tank.

Rich H. – Naperville, IL

Thanks For Helping

By Testimonials

I recently bought some of your invisible clear-coating (Pond Shield Clear) for a leaking concrete pond and your product saved my butt. Thank you for helping me solve a rather difficult problem rather easily! To be honest, I don’t know how I could have solved this problem without your product.

Mike Garcia – Enviroscapes

Cannot Keep Enough On The Shelves

By Testimonials

Well as a retailer I have to say they do a great job of taking care of my customers needs! I had a customer that had a problem and they called Butch. He was able to resolve it over the phone. I was happy, my customer was happy! It’s a great product and have had no problems, other then keeping it on the shelves!

Mark Lawson – Koi Depot

Using Pond Shield Was Wonderful

By Testimonials

Our pond is 40 years old and has leaked for the past 4-5 years. I thought to myself, is this going to work? I just have to say that using Pond Shield was wonderful! It went on like a breeze and our pond does not leak anymore. Well, I’m happy, my Mother is happy and my fish are all happy now! It just went on beautifully! We’re very happy with it! Thanks so much!

Karen W. – Nashville, TN

Nothing Has Outperformed Pond Shield

By Testimonials

My name is Jonathan Strazinsky of Monster Fish Rescue. Rescuing giant fish requires giant confines. Running a rescue requires I find the best products for the animals we save. I also need to save money any way possible so I build our large aquariums. I have used just about everything on the market to seal my “DIY” tanks, nothing has out performed Pond Shield. I was immediately impressed with the product and started to dream of all the possibilities and applications I could use it for! Not to mention the customer service from Pond Armor. Customer service is a lost art, very few companies implement it in any way shape or form. Butch from Pond Armor is a customer service artist going above and beyond any customer service I’ve ever dealt with. He must have logged in at least three hours of conversation with me before I even spent one cent! His customer service is one of the many reasons why I will always advertise pond armor on our website free of charge!

Jonathan Strazinsky – Monster Fish Rescue

Pond Shield Is Easy To Use

By Testimonials

Pond Shield was especially useful in creating a water wall. I had built a container out of concrete blocks, and needed to waterproof it. I don’t spare any expense when it comes to making things watertight, because they’re expensive to rebuild when they leak. Pond Shield is easy to use, and I can get into tight places with it.

Jay Marino – Landmark Landscapes

Really Unique Product

By Testimonials

There might be a lot of work involved building a pond out of concrete in the beginning, but I cannot imagine working with concrete without Pond Shield. It’s a really unique product that dries within an hour and looks like an acrylic finish. I try not to use rubber linings any more. They’re so cumbersome and they’re so outdated because you have all these folds. I like using a lot of rock, and it’s hard to use rock with rubber liners.

Greg McClure – McClure Landscapes

Beautiful Waterproof Finish

By Testimonials

We have had cracks and leaks form in our pond over the past seven years. Of course our solution to this was coating the pond with Pond Shield. We live on the Central Coast of California and have created a pond using native natural rock for our Japanese garden. The tan Pond Shield we chose provided a beautiful waterproof finish that compliments the rock perfectly.

Don E. – San Luis Obispo, CA

You Are Doing A Good Job

By Testimonials

I appreciate a person who stands behind their products – really. You are doing a good job and deserve to have a successful business. Thanks again, Larry L. – Garden Ridge —-

The Pond Is Sealed Up!

By Testimonials

The pond is sealed up with no leaks! You saved my life on this one. I’ll definitely use Pond Shield in the future!

Clark Taplan – Paradise Stonescapes

Expert Technical Support

By Testimonials

At Tolosa Gardens & Landscapes, Inc., one of our greatest pleasures is designing and building ponds to enhance outdoor environments. Recently, a client who needed to re-coat an existing cement pond and add a waterfall suggested we investigate Pond Armor. They had heard that Pond Armor carried an epoxy that is fish safe and would seal the concrete pond and a spray on polyurea that would have less creases and be more durable than a rubber liner. From the first phone call, Butch, the resident expert at Pond Armor gave us the technical and informational support we needed. Not only did he share his considerable technical expertise with us, he showed our team how to master the steps necessary to be comfortable in working with this new product. With Butch’s expert technical support, we were able to accomplish our goals. We recommend the use of Pond Shield Epoxy without reservation and were grateful for the generous technical support Butch offered.

Bill Coryell – Tolosa Gardens and Landscape