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Eco System

All You Need to Know Regarding Pond Ecology

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Maintaining the proper ecology of a pond is of utmost importance as it plays a pivotal role in overall eco-system of a particular place. Keeping a pond free from algae is the most daunting task that one has to deal with. It not only has a pungent smell and impart an untidy look, but also damages the entire eco-system of the pond. Hence if you find that your pond has been affected by algae, you can resort to the use of copper, which has been proven useful for many. However, it has been found that copper also damages some useful bacteria apart from algae. Recent studies have also shown that algae have developed a resistance against copper.

NOTE: Be advised that it is not advisable to use copper whenever fish are going to be present in the water.

How good bacteria Help

There are quite a few ways in which certain bacteria can help in maintaining the correct ecology of a pond. Following are some of the ways in which it helps:

  1. The beneficial bacterium gets combined with enzymes and help in preventing the formation of sludge. Besides this it can also help assimilating leaves and other such organic materials that fall in the pond.
  2. Such microorganisms are the best way of keeping away the formation of algae and maintaining pond ecology.

A detailed study on Pond Algae and ways to deal with it

  • Plankton – Planktons are known as pea soup or suspended algae. It is because of this substance that the color of the pond seems green. It is a common type of pond algae and are not harmful. The ones that are found on the rocks at the side of the pond are very helpful as they provide oxygen to the pond. Fish in the pond also benefit from these algae.
  • Filament – This is another common found type of algae and commonly termed as string algae, hair algae or pond scum.

Let us no go through some effective ways of controlling pond algae and have a detailed study on its benefits.

Supplementing beneficial bacteria in the pond

One can easily find beneficial bacteria in the market. They are available in the market in various forms like liquid and powder form. The prime function of supplement bacteria is to remove the pond algae quite effectively. Supplementary bacteria are mainly used in ponds that lack the requisite amount of organic compounds.

However, those in charge of pond should remember that different ponds have different reaction to a particular form of treatment. Hence whatever you do should be in a trial basis in the first place.

Pond aeration

The primary reason of adhering to pond aeration is to provide and excess supply of oxygen in the pond. It helps in increasing the organic compounds in the pond. It increases the amount of dissolved oxygen in the pond.

This method is a necessity as it helps supplementary bacteria to do the job properly. Hence a combination of dissolved bacteria and pond aeration will be beneficial for your pond.

These are some of the effective ways of maintaining the organic nature of your pond and preventing harmful algae from breeding in it.

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Pond Supplies – A Must For Your Pond

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Pond supplies are an important aspect for all pond owners. It is important for you to keep your pond clean as well as preserve your pond and add necessary supplies when required. Mentioned below are few pond supplies that are a requisite for every pond owner:

* A stock of filters for the filtration system as well as any chemicals that you use in it. * A supply of good quality food for the fish. * Cleansers, skimmers, and other supplies to clean the pond. * You might have to purchase a pond heater to maintain a standard temperature of the pond. * An aeration kit to keep it full of the oxygen richness it needs.

Matching Fish And Pond Supplies

It is important to know what type of pond you own so that you can have the right kind fish and supplies for it. Different types of ponds maintain different balances of eco systems and so it is important for you to know the type of pond you own. If the pond supplies don’t match with the eco system of your pond then you are simply killing the aquatic life in your pond and making the water poisonous. Once you know the type of pond you own purchase the best quality pond supplies along with fishing and thus ensure a long life to your pond.

Fish and Pond supplies vary depending on the various type of fish you have within the pond. Suppose you have gold fish in your pond then you have to find a pond supply that will not disturb the gold fish. It is not necessary that a pond supply that does not harm gold fish can be applied in ponds with other fish- specific types of fish genre requires specific types of ponds supplies; so you need to consult an expert before purchasing any pond supplies.

It is also important that you select a pond supply that is in harmony with nature. Don’t go for cheap pond supplies; buy the right type of food for your fish. You also need proper pond liners and filtration system to protect the aquatic life in your pond. The pond kits that you choose should fit with the environment around them. The pond and fish supplies that you require can be purchased online but you have to be very careful with the quality. Buy a product that is always available in the market and that is recommended by experts.

Always remember that pond supplies ensure a healthy well being of all the aquatic life within your pond.