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We’ll definitely use Pond Armor again!

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We built an indoor water feature using ½” plywood, 2’W x 6’L x 14”D. We researched the various offerings for sealants and selected Charcoal Pond Armor. At this point, unlike we normally would do (we’re IT junkies!!), we didn’t look at reviews much. The surface area was about 34sq ft and we bought a 1.5qt kit.

We decided that, as the feature was plywood, it is considered smooth and were going to apply one thicker coat. The problem was, what if we missed bits, or it leaked? We’d have none left over. Then we started reading some negative reviews about the product, how it didn’t cover well, was hard to work with, went off really fast, etc. We were a bit put off now, and the project sat for weeks. Finally, I rang Pond Armor and spoke with Butch. He was fantastic and allayed our fears, but suggested that we apply 3 thinner coats rather than the one heavy one. He recommended we thin them like the first rough surface coat for every coat which we did.

It mixed very easily (even though, not following the onsite tip, we mixed part A with B and the alcohol all at once), and was very simple to roll on. It did start to “tack up” reasonably fast, but no faster than what the instructions advised it would. Within 2-4 hours it was ready for the next coat (air temp inside the house was around 79-80F with little humidity – we live in Phoenix). Prior to the 3rd coat, we used a 500 watt lamp to check the finish. I cannot stress how important this inspection is (and, yes, it says to in the instructions, but who reads those??!!). We saw many little areas that needed brushwork prior to rolling the final coat.

Now we are waiting on the 24 hours cure time to be up so we can fill it. We have an outdoor water feature planned in the future. We’ll definitely use Pond Armor again!

Ian S. – Phoenix, AZ


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I had a cracked concrete pond that was old and very porous and did not hold water well.  Then, a straight line wind storm came along and put major cracks in the pond when two large oak trees fell and caused damage.  I called the pond people for an estimate.  They told me the well known pond sealing products would not work.  They recommended calling a swimming pool company. No one had any solutions other than using a plastic pond liner that would have ruined the character of the pond.  I searched the internet for months until finally I came across Pond Armor.   No one knew anything about this  product (the hardware stores, the pond companies, the pool companies) and I had exhausted my options so I decided to contact the company.  They assured me that the product would solve my problem and guaranteed it.  AMAZING!  We have had a viable, leak proof pond for four years and it looks like it will continue to last.  Thank you Pond Armor.

Rebecca P.

Closing Down Your Pool for the Winter

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When the weather starts to cool down and the sun sets earlier in the evening it is a sure sign that it is that time of year once again. It is time to close down your source for summer fun, your swimming pool. The time for enjoying warm weather activities is over and you need to close your pool down properly so when the warmer weather returns you do not discover issues related to staining, corrosion, or buildup in your pool.

Without a doubt, swimming pool closing can be a stressful experience for some people, but with the right plan and tools set in place, it can be done quickly and stress free. The first step in any plan involving swimming pool maintenance is to have the right tools in place. These are the key items you will need to ensure that you close your pool down correctly.

Tools Needed for Shutting Down a Pool

  • Pool cover
  • Winter air pillow
  • Various tools for touching up the coating
  • Winter Skimmer guard
  • Winterizing chemicals (which chemical depend on your specific pool needs)
  • Slow release winter chemical ball
  • A pump on the pool cover (used to help keep any rain or melted snow off the cover)
  • Various screwdrivers and channel locks
  • Air compressor

Depending upon the specific needs of your pool, you may need other items to shut down your pool.

Once all of the tools are gathered, the process of shutting down your pool begins. The first thing that needs to be done is the breaking down of any ladders or diving boards that do not need to remain up all winter. For those items that are not removable, wipe them down with a product such as Vaseline, to prevent rusting during the winter months. Your next step is to remove any pool toys or other debris that may be sitting in the pool. You can use your skimmer to help remove these items.  With the pool free of all toys and debris, give the sides of your pool and the floors a good brush down; follow this with vacuuming the same areas.

At this point, inspect the coating for any visible signs of wear and tear.  These areas can be touched up with Pond Shield epoxy simply by sanding the affected area and applying the epoxy right to the spot that needs repair.  Pond Shield is not only safe for fish and plants, it is also very chemical resistant and can be used in a chlorinated environment.

The next step involves winterizing your filter system.  Carefully remove jet eyeballs and fittings then remove your skimmer. Start with the lid, then the basket, and clean out. You want to ensure to remove any debris trapped there by your skimmer basket.  Removing, cleaning, and drying your cartridge filter, sand filter, and DE (Diatomaceous Earth) filter are the next steps. Check your chlorine basket and remove any tablets remaining and discard, putting the cap back in place once done.

Next in the process is to remove and clean out any debris in the pump basket.  Remember to shut the valve off or water will flood.  Clean the area of any debris, replace the lid, and turn your pump back on. Blowing out the pipes and your returns is the next step in closing down your pool. After all of these items have been completed, disconnect any pool equipment that requires winter storage, this includes pump and filter systems.

The last steps in the process of closing down your pool for the winter include treating your pool with chemicals and covering it. First, you’ll need to use a basic shock treatment, followed by a winter algaecide, and a rust and scale remover.  Once completed put the winter chemical ball in your pool and place the pool cover over your pool. You have safely shut down your pool for the winter.

Ameline Clerk is a writer specializing in both interior and exterior design. She is a keen swimmer and loves everything related to swimming pools.

I Highly Recommend The Product!

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Thank you for such great attention to our request for the purchase of Pond Armor in light blue. The merchandise came right on time!! Even before time scheduled. The instructions were great and we followed them to the letter. The pond looks great and the Koi are really enjoying their stay.

The product is truly phenomenal even though the application is not JUST PAINTING….attention to detail and following the instructions is ESSENTIAL!. I highly recommend the product, its use and final looks.

Clyde A. L./Maria S. – Mitchelville, MD

Wonderful Product!

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I have used and sold Pond Armor for the past 6 years, on my personal ponds and countless client ponds ! Wonderful product and Butch is great with tech support. Many uses for this product ! Seals great and provide an environment that is good for the fish !

Spend the money now, or spend it later with having to replace and fix the “other sealers”.

Happy fish equal Happy Customers !

Donita Blalock, Koi Koi Living Jewels, El Cajon CA

Spray On Pond Liners – What Is A Spray On Pond Liner?

By | Spray in Liner Ponds

When it comes to applying a coating that will eventually waterproof your pond, there is a small variety of materials available to choose from. There is anything from paints to epoxies to other specialized coatings, some of which can be used in a pond, while others that should never be used in a pond.

But before you run out and try to find the right spray on pond liner for you, consider these few things. Consider the application itself. Do you have the skill set necessary to accomplish the task? Do you have the equipment necessary to spray on a pond liner?

Even if you do not have the skill set necessary to spray on a pond liner, it can be learned. This, like any other new task you set out to do is just something that you need to study before moving forward. The company that you purchase materials from ought to be able to give you the technical support necessary to carry out your task.

Pond Armor, for instance, offers technical support for both their equipment and materials. This way you can be reasonably assured that you can complete your project with very few problems.

I would suggest that before you undertake the task of spraying a pond liner that you read all of the materials available to you. Contact the manufacturer of the equipment and materials and ask questions. A good game plan before you start will also ensure a trouble free installation.

Once you receive your equipment and materials, check everything out thoroughly. Look for missing or broken items or pieces and notify the manufacturer right away. You’ll want to resolve that and get replacement items on their way as quickly as possible.

Read through all of the instructions first. I cannot stress this enough. It’s hard to believe but I can tell you stories about the instructions being thrown at after the packaging has been opened. If you do this, you’ll be heading into the project virtually blind and your success rate will suffer for it.

Once you have read all of the instructions, write down any questions you have. It’s even a good idea to write them down as you read through the instructions. Again, I have spoken to people who asked me a dozen questions, only to forget that final one. There’s not a lot I can do about stirring up your memory.

Take a look through your materials and equipment. Write down any questions you have in regards to your visual inspection. Have a pencil and piece of paper handy when you call in to ask questions. You’ll want to be able to review your notes later.

Once all that business is settled and you know how to use the equipment and materials, pick a time for the installation that you can readily do the project, free from distraction. Trying to spray on a pond liner while friends are stopping by will only serve to slow you down. That is, of course, unless you can recruit them.

Let’s assume that you are not the type of person that wants to get in there and do the work yourself. That’s OK too. As long as you choose an installer that has done this sort of work before or is willing to learn the process, you should be in good hands. Either way, you’ll want to at least check his references prior to the hiring process.

It is important for you to investigate potential installers thoroughly. Hiring the wrong person can cost you a lot of time and money. That’s definitely something you can do without!
If you do not have the equipment, there are always options of purchasing and in some cases renting it. If you purchase the equipment, you should follow the processes laid out above. If you plan to rent, be sure to know what is expected of you as the renter of the equipment and how the equipment should be taken care of.

It is advisable to purchase insurance on equipment that you rent, just in case some unforeseen accident happens during the installation. Make sure that you have read all of the policies regarding clean up and damage and be sure to return the equipment on time in order to avoid late charges and penalties.

Well Worth the Upfront Cost

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Pond Armor product is well worth the up front cost when you consider the long term savings. The “101 tips” and wonderful timely advise from the folks at Pond Armor makes installation doable for the average DIY’er. Constructing the pond to incorporate the plumbing, filters and skimmers is easy when you don’t have to deal with cumbersome, heavy traditional liners.

Our small pond looks amazingly natural and having no folds from liners, makes maintenance a breeze (which makes our Koi are very happy too!)

Cheryl N. Honolulu, Hawaii

Awe-inspiring Finish

By | Take The Tour

If you are like most people, you  are probably here trying to decide what you need to seal your pond with. We manufacture Pond Shield, the finest, high performance epoxy pond liner and sealer on the market today. Our epoxy pond sealer produces an awe-inspiring finished surface that you have only dreamed about. Not only that, but the pond sealers we provide form a water proof non-toxic barrier for your aquatic environment, old or new. This means your new epoxy sealer will be fish and plant safe.

Big Thank You!

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Hello!! I just wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU! Your product is AMAZING!! I found a old cement pond buried in my backyard some years ago while digging up some weeds… We never really knew what to do with it and it would always leak… We patched some cracks and being a grey cement color… EVERYTHING showed… I knew I wanted black (I think it gives a cooling effect with water) and so much depth. A liner was out of the question because of the weird figure 8 shape with the lip in the middle connecting the two pools together; it would have been so difficult to make all those folds in the liner and everything else that can go wrong with a liner… I came across your product searching the web and was curious to learn more. After reading reviews and seeing pictures I KNEW that is what I was looking for! I am SO HAPPY with the results!! I attached some before and after pictures of our pond! Hope you can see them.

Tara and Randall G. – Saint Paul, MN

Some Amazing Stuff

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That is some amazing stuff. I put some on a piece of flagstone here in the shop and came in this morning. I and a couple of my guys whacked that stuff with a screw driver and tried to chip it off of the stone and it wouldn’t come off. I took the remainder out of the mixing jar and it was hard but still flexible.

Steve Walker – Sacramento Koi

Works In One Easy Application

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Trust me when I say my pond does not leak a drop of water now. I would suggest Pond Shield to anyone who’s having a problem with a leak and wants something that will work in one easy application. I’m not exactly a pond expert, but the help from Pond Armor made it easy for me, a novice. If I can do it, anyone can.

Steve P. – Washington, DC

We Love Your Product!

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All I can say is it’s incredible! It just makes things so much more easy when you find a company that has nice people and an excellent product. We looked at several other products and even contacted pool companies but none of them had anything worthwhile. We love your product!

Sheryl R. – Bisbee AZ

Definitely Helped Me Create The Pond

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Achieving a natural look for my pond was very important to me. I chose the location and construction materials very carefully because I wanted a pond that looked like it had always been there. I didn’t want the creases and folds that come with a pond made with a liner. Pond Shield’s ease of application and colors choices definitely helped me create the pond I was looking for.

Sean B. – Port Orange, FL

Not One Leak

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Thanks again. Your product kicks some major butt! By the way, I have not one leak in my new 1500 gallon tank.

Rich H. – Naperville, IL

Thanks For Helping

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I recently bought some of your invisible clear-coating (Pond Shield Clear) for a leaking concrete pond and your product saved my butt. Thank you for helping me solve a rather difficult problem rather easily! To be honest, I don’t know how I could have solved this problem without your product.

Mike Garcia – Enviroscapes

Cannot Keep Enough On The Shelves

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Well as a retailer I have to say they do a great job of taking care of my customers needs! I had a customer that had a problem and they called Butch. He was able to resolve it over the phone. I was happy, my customer was happy! It’s a great product and have had no problems, other then keeping it on the shelves!

Mark Lawson – Koi Depot