2013 Pond Armor Early Buy Program

2013 Early Buy Program FAQ

What is the Early Buy Program?

That’s simple.  The Early Buy program is our way of helping distributors, retailers and installers save money with products that will be used in the upcoming pond season.  We have run these programs every year and many distributors and retailers have successfully participated.  This year we are inviting installers to participate as well.

How does the Early Buy Program work?

It’s easy.  We send out information to everyone regarding the new things happening for this year’s Early Buy including specials, pricing for various levels of product and pricing for various levels of freight.  You choose the level of participation that best suits your company and your expectations of product flow for the upcoming season.

What if I have never participated before?

That’s not a problem either.  If you are already signed up with us as a distributor, retailer of installer, you just treat this as any other order within the rules of the Early Buy.

Can Pond Shield be used on projects other than water feature related projects?

Absolutely! Pond Shield non toxic epoxy can be used in any environment that needs to be waterproofed.  For example, hydroponics systems can be built using our product to effectively seal the units.  Aquarium enthusiasts use Pond Shield for all sorts of things for both fresh water and salt water tanks and ornaments.  Think of it this way, if it needs to be waterproofed, POND Shield can handle it.

What if I am not already signed up as a distributor, retailer or installer?

That is just as easy.  Click the Vendors link above and submit your information to us.  We’ll get you the Early Buy Program information and help get you started.

When do I receive the products that I ordered during the Early Buy?

Normally we let everyone know that orders are processed within 7 days of the order being placed.  During last year’s Early Buy orders went out the very next day after an order was placed.  The reality is that we always have plenty of kits on hand in every size that they are available in.

What kind of product/shipping discounts can I expect?

There are too many types of discounts to list here clearly.  Sign up as a Vendor if you have not already and then watch your email for important information about the Early Buy as it unfolds.

How do I know what I should order?

Generally speaking most people will order colors and sizes that they know they will use or sell very easily in the upcoming pond season.  However it is also important to realize that other colors will sell as well, so you might consider a few of those within your order.  If you’d like to know what you have purchased and used in the last year, contact Butch at butch@pondarmor.com or at (800) 716-1545 and he will help you with those numbers.

What if I do not have enough room to store all that I have ordered during the Early Buy?

If you currently have storage issues and wish us to hold your Early Buy materials for a week, a month or even several months, that is no problem.  We have plenty of room to store materials for you until a time it is easy for you to receive them.  Because Pond Armor pays 100% of the shipping costs during the Early Buy, it is not possible to send your materials out in a piecemeal fashion, unless arrangements have been made to cover the cost of additional shipping.

When does the Early Buy Program take place?

The 2013 Early Buy Program takes place this year between November 12th and December 14th 2012.  There are three different discount structures that take place in various weeks of the Early Buy.  The longer you wait to participate, the less of a discount you can get, so act quickly.  Again, keep an eye on your email for more information and if you have any questions please let us know.